12 Firefox Shortcut Keys Which will help you use it more effectively

Top Firefox Shortcut Keys

Below I have listed my top 12 favourite keyboard shortcuts for Firefox. If you take the time to learn these shortcuts, you’ll have a greatly improved experience while using this fantastic web browser.

I use a Windows PC, so I have listed all of the shortcuts using your standard Windows keyboard, but a Mac equivalent exists for pretty much all of these shortcuts, simply substitute the Ctrl key for the Mac Command key and it should work. That said, I can’t guarantee all of the shortcuts will work on your Mac.

  1. Bookmark All Tabs

If you’ve been using Firefox for any length of time, then you’re probably familiar with the Ctrl + D combination to bookmark a page, but were you aware that you can bookmark all of the tabs in a current Window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + D? I find it most useful when I want to close a tab, but have some way of getting back to the page or pages that I previously closed.

  1. Open Link in New Tab

Some links will have a code on them that will make them open in your current Window, while others will open in a new tab, the moment you click on them. In order for you to take control of this, you will need to press the Ctrl key while clicking on a link to stay in your current tab while the link opens in a new tab in the background. Likewise, if you press Ctrl + Shift + click on link, it will open it in a new tab and switch to it.

  1. Modify Font Size

Do you sometimes have difficulty reading the text on certain websites? If so, then there’s an easy workaround. Simply increase the font size.  The quickest way to do that is by using the keyboard combinations Ctrl + ( or +) depending on whether you would like to increase or decrease the font size. By pressing Ctrl + 0 you can reset the font size back to its default.

  1. Drag Tabs

When it comes to moving tabs, Firefox can be very dynamic. It’s possible for you to click on and drag a tab to another position in your row of tabs that you have opened. It’s also possible for you to drag the tab outside of the Window, so it will open in its own Window, or move it from one Windows to another.

firefox shortcuts
  1. Delete Browser History

The quickest and easiest way to clear your history is to press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. When deleting your browser history you’re given a certain amount of flexibility, as you can determine the range based on days, weeks or for all time.

  1. Jump to another Tab

In order to jump from one tab to another, simply press the Ctrl key followed by a number between 1 and 9. It’s not complicated, by pressing Ctrl + 1; it will jump you to the first tab. By pressing Ctrl + 4, it will take you to the fourth tab, and Ctrl + 9 will take you to the last tab. The only limitations to this shortcut is that it’s limited to just the 9 number keys, if you open more than 9 tabs, you will not be able to jump to all of them.

  1. Find Feature

The find feature is very useful, as it allows you to quickly locate specific text on a page. To open the Find feature, simply press Ctrl + F, then type whatever you want into the Find box and it will locate it.

  1. Top or Bottom

In order to return to the top of a page, simply press Ctrl + Up key, if you would like to go to the bottom of the page, press Ctrl + Down key. You can also perform this function by pressing the Home and End keys.

  1. Mute a Tab

Both Chrome and Firefox display a speaker icon on a tab that is playing any audio. However, unlike in Google Chrome, it is possible for you to mute the sound of a tab by simply clicking on the speaker icon.

  1. Firefox Search Bar

Firefox has its own built-in search bar positioned right next to the URL bar. You can use the search bar to perform searches on any number of search engines. Simply press Ctrl + K and you will be able to take control of this search bar.

  1. Forward or Back

It’s possible for you to go back to a previous page by pressing the Backspace button. It’s also possible for you to move forward to a page you previously left, by pressing Shift + Backspace.

  1. Page Up or Down

When you are viewing a particular web page, you can go down the page by simply pressing the Spacebar key. Alternatively, you can go up by pressing Shift + Spacebar.

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