Best Custom Reddit apps for Android

Reddit is called the front page of the Internet. It is a social news website in which users share links, texts, and Images and other users upvote and downvote posts and their comments. Unlike other social networking sites, Reddit users are anonymous and can post whatever they like without revealing their identity. It is ranked 6th among global top websites.

Just like every popular service nowadays Reddit has also official Android and iOS apps but these apps are not up to the mark as they should have so a lot of 3rd party developers have developed some good Reddit apps. If you don’t want to use 3rd party apps and want to use official Reddit you can download it by Clicking below link:

Download official Reddit App

Today, I will be sharing here 5 best Reddit apps for your android smartphone. All these apps are free to use but they have ads in the free version, you can buy a premium version of any of these apps to use Reddit without any ads.

Best Custom Reddit apps for Android

reddit custom app
reddit custom app

Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit is material designed Reddit app with tons of features. It is one of the most popular Reddit apps among the users because of its simple interface. The most annoying thing about most Reddit apps is that you can access all subreddits easily but in Relay, Subreddit menu is well placed and easily accessible. It does also have moderator settings and you can change your app theme from light to dark. It supports multiple accounts and can directly upload images to Imgur. The most unique thing in Relay is floating button which can be used to clear post which has been viewed.

Posts are stacked in cards form in the main menu. You can directly view any video or image by tapping on the thumbnail. Comments are color coded so you will not get confused in replies. It has also tons of gestures like swipe down to refresh and swipe left for options like upvote and downvote. It gets easier when you get used to these gestures and buttons.

Download Relay for Reddit


BaconReader is another popular material themed Reddit app. BaconReader is a minimal app with beautiful design. You can select from card views or list view for the main page. You also get two options for the post either full view or thumbnail view and you can swipe left and right to navigate next and previous posts. It also supports multi-account and has moderator settings.

BaconReader is the powerful but simple and beautiful app. The developers of this app are the same as the 1Weather app.

Download BaconReader


Joey is not the most beautiful app for Reddit but it is ad-free and that makes it noteworthy. It does also have some powerful features like text to speech, reading list, autoplay gifs and videos, and custom themes. A lot of options in this app makes it look clumsy but it is suitable for the power users.

By default, it shows posts in card view but you can also toggle full-screen view by top button. Also, a lot of themes are available for joey to customize your Reddit experience.

Download Joey


Boost for Reddit is also a material designed app designed to use Reddit with greater speed. The main page view of Boost is cards with media previews. You can navigate to different subreddits through sidebar menu or top subreddit menu. You can select any material color for Boost and it has special themes for immersive AMOLED experience. It does also have dedicated night mode theme which can be enabled from the sidebar menu.

Boost also has a widget so that you can put any subreddit on your home screen. Overall, Boost is a great app for Reddit which has beautiful UI and some great features.

Download Boost for Reddit

Now For Reddit

Now for Reddit is new and not a much popular app but it has potential to become a great Reddit app. All subreddits have different design and themes on desktop websites which we can not see on the app but Now for Reddit shows that design in the background of subreddit that makes it more connected to the subreddit. Now for Reddit also follows card view with multimedia thumbnails in full size.

It has all the features that any Reddit app should have like color coding of comments and multiple account supports. It has a special option for Reddit TV in which you can browse videos, documentaries, sports, movies etc. This app is suitable for you if you want to feel desktop experience on your smartphone.

Download Now for Reddit

This was our list of best Android Reddit apps, tell us what app do you use for Reddit in comments.

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