5 Ways Internet is Making People Millionaires in 30 days : 2019

Being a millionaire is everyone’s dream. And if you have an idea Internet is best way to promote it to the Audience and make a profit out of it. Internet can help you park a Ferrari outside your Home in next 30 days if you follow any one of the ways written in this guide.

Ferrari I bought after the First payout

Everybody dream to be like Mark Zuckerberg and create something like facebook or Be like Warren Buffet and invest Smartly and be Zero to Hero. For all this internet can help you gain Initial push and learn to sell your idea. In this guide, I will help you learn 10 ways which I and my friend tried and Proven to make Them Millionaire in 30days.




Selling online on Amazon, Ebay or By making your own E-commerce store is the easiest way to make money. People sell products for the 10x amount of what the initial cost of the product is. Dropshipping is one of the way in which people import products from sites Like Aliexpress for as low as $1/piece and sell it for at least 10-20x of its initial cost. Then those products are advertised on the ad networks like Facebook and Snapchat.Popular Platform used for making these kinds of sites are Shopify and Woocommerce.

Girl purchasing products online through credit card


Trading could be the easiest way of making money online or losing it. If you know the right way making million in a day is easy and if you dont know anything about this system you could lose every penny you got within an hour.You might be wondering what is Binary Options then check this video by Wall Street Survivor.

Video by Wall Street Survivor explaining Binary options


Influencer is someone to whom people people follows and the one who sets the trend in a particular field. Lets take an example, Think you are a Fashion Blogger and you are having more than 100k followers on your INSTAGRAM, Then think some company contacted you to promote their product on your page and blog. In return they said they give you x amount of money or that product for free. Being an Influencer gives you the power of Audience and you can control the market or Selling of any product with it. Those people will follow your reviews regarding that product and will make their buying decision based on it. An influencer can easily make more than $100k per month. And if you connect Dropshipping site with it then you can make millions in profit within a month.

Barbell Athlete

4. Youtuber

Youtube is the Biggest Platform for the videos Online and is owned by Google. One of the Oldest Member of this Community PewDiePie iS WORTH MORE THAN $50 Million and is making an average of $12 Million per year just by Making Videos on youtube. You can also Start a youtube channel and can start earning by Adsense or Affiliate.

One of the Video of PewDiePie in 2018

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a Big Audience or Friends who love to shop you can start making money by referring products to them. Sites Like Amazon , eBAY , etc. You might be wondering you can make just $1000-$2000 by doing this, But you will be surprised that People are making in Millions doing this. Some people also Joined Affiliate program by TESLA where if they refer a car to 5 friends and they booked it then they will get their car for free of cost. Amazing! Right, Its the best way to make money online.

Picture Depicting How Affiliate Marketing Works

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